7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained At The Beach

Fun beach activities

Sand castles can only hold a child’s attention span for so long at the beach, take a look at these creative things to do with your kids this Summer and see what sounds fun to you!

Pirate Hunt

Let the kids pretend they are pirate’s and hunt for buried treasure! Every kid loves a game of hide and seek. Mom and dad time to get creative and hide seashells, sand dollars, shovels and more underneath the sand for your kids to find. Aye Aye, Captain!

Fly a Kite

Get a kite from the dollar store down the street, or hey make a homemade one! Take it out while the wind is blowing and let your children fly away.

Go Boating

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your kids. This is a super fun and safe activity. Whether it be a peddle boat, sail boat or kayak – take your kids out in the water and let them see the beautiful land from the water.

Paint Rocks

If you have never painted a rock, you are missing out! Find rocks along the beach and bring them back to your house or condo and paint them however you like, your kids will love this.

Crab Walk Races

Grab a few other children along the beach and have a crab leg competition! Parents don’t be afraid to join in on the fun! The winner gets a prize!

Go For a Walk

I know this doesn’t sound like the kiddos will like this, but they will! As you walk along the beach, there are so many things to see – cool sand castles, pretty sea shells, other kids to play with, a bucket of jellyfish that someone caught and more. Parents, this is a way to get your exercise in as well!

Pick Up Trash

Every kid loves the fish in the water! Walk along the beach and grab litter you see and tell your children this keeps the ocean beautiful! What a good way to get volunteer work in without realizing it!