Check Out These Exhibits At The Venice Museum

Venice Museum

Did you know that you have an amazing museum right here in Venice? That’s right. The Venice Museum has a wonderful collection of interesting artifacts and information. You can learn all about the area’s past and see why it is the way it is today. Sound interesting? Check out some of these great exhibits you can see, and make plans to visit as soon as possible. Whether you want to go with family members, friends, or even just browse by yourself, you’ll be utterly amazed by everything that’s on display at the Venice Museum.

Fossils: Venice’s Land Before Time

It can be hard to imagine what Venice was like thousands of years ago. After all, that’s long before the United States was even a country. However, you can learn all about the Venice area’s distant past when you visit the “Fossils: Venice’s Land Before Time” exhibit. There are over 365 fossils there that have been collected from the local area, and they are from all types of mammals, amphibians, plants, and more. You can’t go to the Venice Museum without paying this exhibit a visit.

Dr. Fred H. Albee: A New Beginning for Nokomis and Venice

Dr. Fred H. Albee was a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who was born in the late 1870s who hailed from the Venice area. This exhibit focuses on his and his wife’s contributions to science, medicine, and the local area. There is a short video, oral history exhibits you can visit, and even some interesting objects on exhibit. This man was a local legend, and when you visit the Venice Museum, you can learn all about him.

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Venice’s Historic Waterways

While the previous two exhibits are a part of the permanent collection, the “Venice’s Historic Waterways” exhibit will only be around through July, so you want to catch it as soon as possible. It features information about the changing system of waterways in and around Venice, and you can learn a lot from it. You can even see the remains of a prehistoric shark found in the area. It’s an exhibit that almost everyone will find interesting.

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