Check Out the Suncoast BBQ Bash!

Suncoast BBQ Bash Venice

This will be the 8th Annual Suncoast BBQ Bash slated for April 14th and 15th, 2017. The bash is undeniably one of the best bluegrass entertainment and barbecue cooking events in Venice, Florida. The organizers’ primary objective is to raise funds for non-profit organizations and a local foundation catering for disabled children. Therefore, by participating, you not only get to have fun. You also contribute towards an amazing cause.

About the Suncoast BBQ Bash

The bash is a Barbecue and Bluegrass event held annually in Florida. It features popular bluegrass band performances for music lovers. If you are a barbecue fanatic, this is the right place to be! Barbecue cook teams will be there to provide tasty delicacies, and chili cook-off events will also be featured. This event is sure to be a lot of fun.

Before anything else, attendees are treated to a kickoff party, bringing everyone together to share in music and other fun escapades. The kickoff party will feature live music, fish fry, and hot air balloon rides. The bash also has your kids covered. The kid’s park is designed for youngsters and offers a great platform for family fun adventures. The sporting clays tournament and cornhole tournament add to the fun, as a bash is never complete without fun games. The games offer an excellent avenue for exercising especially after having your stomach full with delicious chili and barbecue.

What To Expect at the Suncoast BBQ Bash

Expect an experience of a lifetime at the Suncoast BBQ Bash. You may frequent barbecue joints, but have you ever tasted an award-winning barbecue? If not, this is your chance! With a lot of people in attendance, you will probably make new friends and engage in activities you never had the opportunity to take part in before.

**Unlike in most public events, no pets are allowed at the bash. Backpacks, coolers, umbrellas and tents should also be nowhere in sight. Soliciting is not allowed. You don’t have to worry about running out of cash because ATMs will be available. There is ample space for parking, so all cars will be adequately accommodated. For a better experience, you can bring a blanket or a comfy chair. The event is free, but being a charity occasion, donations are accepted.

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