How Does Checking Tire Pressure Regularly Keep You Safe?

checking tire pressure

Most people assume they only need to think about their tires when the treads wear out, but that isn’t true. If you want to stay safe on the road, you need to check your tire pressure on a regular basis. Find out why this is so important for drivers.

Reduce the Chances of a Blowout

Blowouts aren’t just annoying. They can be dangerous. If your tire blows out when you’re driving down the road, you could end up losing control of your vehicle. That could cause a wreck. Reduce the chances of this happening by keeping your tires properly inflated.

Improve Handling

When your tires are inflated to the proper level, your vehicle handles better. This will help you with everything from basic driving to emergency maneuvers. On the flip side, if your tires aren’t properly inflated, you might have trouble taking a turn or avoiding an obstacle. This could put you in harm’s way.

Reduce the Chance of an Accident During Normal Driving

Properly inflated tires wear evenly, while tires that don’t have enough air wear unevenly. They also wear out faster than properly inflated tires do. When tires wear quickly and unevenly, your chances of getting in an accident increase. You might be on your morning commute or taking a road trip when the accident happens. You never know when disaster will strike.

Reduce the Rolling Resistance

It is necessary to have your tires properly inflated so you can reduce the rolling resistance. This refers to the friction that happens when the tire rolls. If your tires are properly inflated, your tires don’t create as much friction with the pavement, so the vehicle doesn’t require as much energy to move. On the other hand, if your tires don’t have enough air, your vehicle will use up more fuel to move. While this isn’t necessarily a safety concern, it is a fuel concern. You will burn up a lot more fuel if your tires aren’t properly inflated.

If you keep having tire pressure problems, you should visit the service department at Venice Honda in Venice, Florida. Let our team look over your tires and the rest of your vehicle to ensure that you are as safe as possible when you’re on the road.