Find the Best Pumpkin for Jack-O-Lanterns at the Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival

It’s almost time for the Annual Pumpkin Festival at Fruitville Grove. This is the festival’s 29th year, and it will take place every weekend in October. The festival has pumpkins galore, along with pony rides, pumpkin painting, a petting zoo, live music, and so much more. Stop by and pick out the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween fun. Get some tips for picking out pumpkins so you’ll be ready to make your selection.

Go with a Firm Pumpkin

When a pumpkin has soft spots, it’s likely decaying from within. That means you won’t have a good surface for carving. Feel all around the pumpkin, checking for soft spots. If you find any, put it back and pick another one.

Select a Pumpkin That’s Heavier than Expected

The best pumpkins are heavy for their size. When you pick one of these bad boys up, you’re surprised by how heavy it is. This is similar to picking out a watermelon. In both cases, the heavier, the better.

Keep It Orange

It’s normal to have some minor discolorations on the pumpkin, but keep those to a minimum. Green or brown blemishes are often a sign that something is wrong. Find a pumpkin that is almost completely orange so you can carve a killer jack-o-lantern.

Avoid Misshapen Pumpkins

There isn’t technically anything wrong with misshapen pumpkins, but they are hard to carve. Oval and round pumpkins both give you a great surface for carving. Your jack-o-lantern will look like a professional one if you carve it on the right surface.

Check the Sound

You want your pumpkin to be easy to carve, which means you want it to have thin walls. If the walls are too thick, it will be hard to cut through them, and your cuts will likely look jagged. Give it a good thump with your knuckles. If it sounds hollow, the walls are thin and you should be able to carve it without a problem.

Look at the Stem

Your pumpkin’s stem should be solidly attached to the pumpkin. This will make it easier to pick your pumpkin up and place it on your doorstep or in the window. If the stem feels lose, it could detach from the pumpkin and cause a disaster.

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