Get Some Sun at Caspersen Beach Park

young family arriving at Caspersen Beach Park

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to visit Caspersen Beach Park right here in Venice, Florida. Visit the park and spend a day in the sun with your friends and family. While it’s true that the beach is the main attraction at this park, there are plenty of other exciting activities as well. So, you have the opportunity to make great memories while you get a tan!

Take Advantage of the Water

Caspersen Beach Park revolves around the clear, clean water, providing relief from the heat and plenty of sand to play in. Go for a quick swim or just wade in the water, dragging your toes through the soft sand. The area is very safe, but keep in mind that there aren’t lifeguards on duty. Therefore, parents may need to keep a close eye on kids while they are in the water.

Launch Your Kayak or Canoe

If you’re like many Venice residents, you have a kayak or canoe. Caspersen Beach Park has its very own area for launching your small boat. Toss that kayak on the roof of your SUV, park by the launch, and hit the waves.

Stroll Along the Trails

There is no shortage of trails — you can spend entire days trailblazing without even getting close to the water. The combination of paved and unpaved trails makes it easy to find one that is your pace. The paved trails are ideal for those with toddlers just learning to walk or anyone who needs a smooth walking space. The dirt trails will let you see more remote areas of nature.

In addition to the regular boardwalk, the boardwalk-style dune walkovers are definitely worth a stroll. These take you right over the restored dune system, letting you admire the natural beauty without posing a threat. Everyone loves spending a day strolling through the trails, viewing marshes, tidal flats, mangrove areas, and plenty of wildlife.

Reserve the Picnic Shelter!

Have a family get-together coming up and no idea where to enjoy it? Caspersen Beach Park has a picnic shelter that can be reserved. This way, you just need to bring your food. There’s no need to worry about getting enough shade or bringing tables and chairs along. Focus on the food and fun instead of annoying practical matters.

Go Shelling

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy the hunt for interesting shells and even the occasional prehistoric shark tooth. Caspersen Beach is among the best beaches in the area for this. You can easily spend hours searching the sand for finds without getting bored.

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