Honda Ridgeline in Venice, FL

Honda Ridgeline Venice


After a brief hiatus, the Honda Ridgeline is back and ready to test everything you think you know about pickup trucks. This all-new truck has a unibody chassis with front-wheel drive and shares only those features in common with the previous Ridgeline models, with a few exceptions.

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Honda Ridgeline Engine and Power

The 3.5-liter V6 engine powering the Ridgeline is familiar to those who have driven the 2016 Pilot. The engine puts you in control of 262 pound-feet and 280 horsepower, and it works with a 6-speed automatic. You can stick to the front-wheel drive system or go with the on-demand AWD system featuring Intelligent Terrain Management. This all-wheel drive system can apply torque vectoring and reverse torque vectoring to help with the turning radius or lane changes.

You can take advantage of the Eco mode on the Ridgeline to boost fuel economy. Front-wheel-drive models get 19 mpg for city driving, 26 mpg on the highway, and 22 mpg combined, with the numbers dropping by 1 mpg in each category with all-wheel drive.

Honda Ridgeline Unibody Capabilities

The unibody construction of the Ridgeline is different from most competitors, which feature body-over-frame setups. This gives the Ridgeline a key advantage on uneven dirt roads, where you will notice a quieter ride experience and better absorption of bumps, which is also thanks to the independent multi-link rear suspension.

Honda Ridgeline Innovative Truck Bed Features

The cabin of the Honda Ridgeline is packed with features, and the truck bed is just as innovative. The dual-action tailgate can fold down like a traditional tailgate, but it will also swing open so you can get right next to the bumper when loading items. There is also a unique trunk in the sub-floor that locks and has enough space for an 82-quart cooler or several full golf bags. Best of all, this trunk is drainable and waterproof so it can become a traveling cooler.

Be one of the first in Venice, Florida, to drive the all-new Honda Ridgeline. Visit Venice Honda to get behind the wheel or learn more.