Let the Day Go to the Dogs with This Park

Happy Golden Retreiver Dog with Poodle Playing Fetch

The sun is out and your furry friend is ready to go out and have some fun. Make that happen with a trip to the Brohard Paw Park. This Venice dog park is a favorite for dogs of all ages and sizes. From senior dogs that need to lose a few pounds to puppies that are bursting with energy, you will find all types of dogs at the park, which means yours will fit right in.

Inside the Park

The Brohard Paw Park is fenced in, so you can take your dog off the leash and let him run wild. He will get to interact and play with other dogs as well. Bring some tennis balls along so you can get him to run and play the day away.

When you finish at the park, you can walk over to the county’s only dog-friendly beach. Let your dog get in the water and frolic around. He will love his time at the beach!

Other Amenities at the Park

When you go to the park, you will have access to picnic tables, benches, and drinking fountains for both you and Fido. You will also have access to a shower, so you can wash the sand off before you go back home. You can also take Fido along the boardwalk before you leave. He will love interacting with the people on the boardwalk during his time out.

Hours of Operation

The Paw Park is open from 7 a.m. to dusk. This will give your pup plenty of time to socialize and exercise. Spend a few hours at the park together and relax from your exercise when you get home.

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