Find the Items You Need at a Local Shop in Venice Beach

Woman in a fashion store department

If you want to shop ‘til you drop, Venice has just what you need. From clothing to toys, the shops here have it all. Pick out some downtown shops so that you can enjoy the best in Venice. These local shopping locations will keep you busy all day long.

Shop for Clothes

If you’re looking for new threads, get some American-made items from Sandy’s Designer Clothing. You can also pick up some preppy resort wear from Captain’s Landing. Don’t just stop at one of these stores. Visit them all so you can load up your trunk with the best in fashion. Then, you will have the perfect thing to wear every time you leave the house.

Find the Perfect Gift

If you need to find a gift for someone, stop by Fraser’s Island Gift Nook. The gift shop has jewelry, accessories, fragrances, and more. Browse through the aisles until you find the perfect something for your friend, family member, or significant other.

Get Something for the Kids

Your kids will never forgive you if you spend the day shopping and come home without something for them. Nana’s is the perfect spot to find something for the little ones. You can browse through toys, books, and clothing for the kiddos. Pick out a couple of things so your kids will be happy when you get home.

Get Something for Your House

If you need to dress up your home, check out The Tabletop. It has modern bowls, tumblers, kitchen gadgets, and glassware. You can even find stainless steel and fine china at this store. Your home will have a modern, updated look when you shop at this store.


After you finish your shopping adventure, take time to relax in a nice vehicle. Venice Honda in Venice, Florida, might not be able to help you shop ‘til you drop at a clothing store, but our team can help you find the perfect ride for your next shopping trip. Stop by and pick out the right vehicle for shopping trips, carpools, and cross-country adventures.