Find the Best Events Going on in March Around Venice

Sarasota has a lot going on each month, and March is no exception. Find an event that fits your interests, and be sure to come out to meet new people and have a good time. There is always something to do in Sarasota and you can find the most fun... [read more]

Fun Venice Events in Early March

Audience applauding in the theater
It’s time to get out of the house and have some fun. Venice is featuring exciting events in early March, so there is plenty you can do. From music to horses, you can easily fill your event calendar up. Look through some of the top events, pick one or two... [read more]

Stock Up on Produce at the Weekly Venice Farmer’s Market

Fresh vegetables being sold at farmers market
Do you remember back in the good old days, when fruit and vegetables didn’t come in the freezer section or in a can? You can go back to the times gone by at the Venice Farmer’s Market. The market is open every Saturday, so you can stop by the farmer’s... [read more]

Grab a Spoon & Check Out these Frozen Treat Shops

Ice Cream Shop Venice
When you are ready to go out for a frozen treat in Venice, Florida, you will want to know that you will get the best frozen treat possible. It should meet your expectations in every way, and if you look at these six places and see what they offer before... [read more]

Explore a Different Venice Park Every Weekend in February

Family going on a bike ride through the park
It’s winter in Florida, and that means one thing. It’s time to get outside! Unlike people up north who may be stuck inside all winter long, Floridians can get out and explore. Take that exploration to the next level by visiting a different Venice park each weekend in February. Check... [read more]

Venice Florists are the Way to Go This Valentine’s Day

Young man gives flowers to girlfriend
Let’s be honest for a second - You don’t always kill it when it comes to Valentine’s Day. It seems like everything you do is wrong. The chocolates are stale, or the stuffed animal is cheesy. Then, of course, there’s that year that you forgot to buy a gift for... [read more]

Surprise Goodies Come with these Monthly Subscriptions

Surprise Goodies Venice
Subscription boxes are excellent gifts, for others as well as yourself. Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, and receiving a box full of surprise goodies once in a while is an excellent way to achieve this. With so many different subscriptions available it makes it easy to find one... [read more]

Escape to Sarasota for a Valentine’s Day Retreat

Escape to Sarasota Valentine’s Day
When Valentine’s Day rolls around, do you want to do the same old thing or do you want to do something special with the person you love? The same old thing can get boring, so you should hop in the car and head to Sarasota for a special night on... [read more]

Find Sweet Treats at These Local Bakeries

Bakery with pie, cake, and other treats
Quality bakeries can be hard to come by. That's why we've taken the liberty to create this list of top bakeries in Venice, Florida! This way, you won't have to search high and low for the perfect donut, cake, or bagel. This city is full of amazing locations to discover... [read more]

Saratosa Goes Green

Planet Earth shown between the hands of a person
Usually, when people think about "going green", they think about how it is beneficial to the environment. However, a green lifestyle can be beneficial in your home, your business, and in your community. Go Green in Your Home: When you start a journey towards a green lifestyle, your home may be the... [read more]