Surprise Goodies Come with these Monthly Subscriptions

Surprise Goodies Venice
Subscription boxes are excellent gifts, for others as well as yourself. Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, and receiving a box full of surprise goodies once in a while is an excellent way to achieve this. With so many different subscriptions available it makes it easy to find one... [read more]

Escape to Sarasota for a Valentine’s Day Retreat

Escape to Sarasota Valentine’s Day
When Valentine’s Day rolls around, do you want to do the same old thing or do you want to do something special with the person you love? The same old thing can get boring, so you should hop in the car and head to Sarasota for a special night on... [read more]

Find Sweet Treats at These Local Bakeries

Bakery with pie, cake, and other treats
Quality bakeries can be hard to come by. That's why we've taken the liberty to create this list of top bakeries in Venice, Florida! This way, you won't have to search high and low for the perfect donut, cake, or bagel. This city is full of amazing locations to discover... [read more]

Saratosa Goes Green

Planet Earth shown between the hands of a person
Usually, when people think about "going green", they think about how it is beneficial to the environment. However, a green lifestyle can be beneficial in your home, your business, and in your community. Go Green in Your Home: When you start a journey towards a green lifestyle, your home may be the... [read more]

Plan to Save More Money This Year? Here’s How!

Saving Money Venice Florida
As the New Year approaches many make plans to save more money. There are several ways to save money in 2017 such as setting a savings goal. Your savings goal should be achievable, realistic and timely. To make this work, think of a certain purchase you could realistically reach in... [read more]

Amazing History at the 1927 Historic Train Depot Tours

Venice Historic Train Depot Tours
The historic Venice train depot offers tours today that will bring you to a place where the trains used to come into Florida because it was the only way. This is a place with a rich and deep history that you need to check out for yourself, and you can... [read more]

Drive a Winner of the 2016 Best Buy Award: The Civic, Pilot, or Odyssey

best buy award 2016
The annual Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards are a simple way for car shoppers to learn which models have a great value. Every year, the editors look at a range of factors that affect the value, such as maintenance, financing, comprehensive pricing, insurance, and fuel costs. They then name... [read more]

The 2017 Honda CR-V Has a Turbocharger

2017 Honda CR-V
Look at the 2017 Honda CR-V, and you will notice a few changes for the latest model year. The CR-V is truly a class leader, setting an example that other compact crossovers hope to live up to. For the 2017 model, Honda is making a few changes. This includes updating the... [read more]

Listen to the Suncoast Concert Band

Suncoast Concert Band Sarasota Florida
The Suncoast Concert Band started in 1933 and has become one of Sarasota, Florida’s most time-honored traditions. At the beginning, it was called The Sarasota Trailer Park Band. In 1963, it changed its named to match the changing name of its resident park to Sarasota Mobile Home Park Concert Band.... [read more]

Top Five Flea Markets in and Around Venice

Venice, Florida is a great place for those looking to get some deals. There are a number of flea markets that offer many unique items. These are the top five flea markets to visit to discover the perfect finds in and around Venice. Dome Flea Market This flea market is full of unique... [read more]