SaraSolo Festival

SaraSolo Festival
Moving into its fourth season, the SaraSolo Festival is probably not like anything you’ve seen before. For the 2018 schedule, you’ll want to get your tickets for a date between Feb. 2 and 4 since the shows will sell out quickly. Created by Gotta Van Productions, which is a not-for-profit... [read more]

The 11th Annual Downtown Venice Craft Festival

Venice Craft Festival
Since you love getting out and about and the chance to buy quality arts and crafts at bargain prices, you’ll want to attend the 11th Annual Downtown Venice Craft Festival. If you’ve spent any time in downtown Venice, you already know how exciting it is, but with this outdoor event,... [read more]

Venice-Nokomis Rotary Fine Arts & Crafts Festival – Bandana Bash Concert

Venice Craft Festival
Considering that you like unique experiences, you’ll love the 26th Annual Fine Arts and Crafts Festival and Bandana Bash concert hosted by the Venice-Nokomis Rotary Club. For 2018, you have three date options, all held at the Venice Airport Festival Grounds. The first day, Friday, Jan. 19, Bandana Bash will perform... [read more]

Sarasota Bayfront Boat Show

Bayfront Boat Show
If you live in Florida but haven’t yet purchased a boat, or if you just like looking at boats and yachts, don’t miss out on the 2018 Sarasota Bayfront Boat Show. This semiannual event is beyond incredible. Along with small inflatables and watercraft for the family fun, you might want... [read more]

Venice Antiques Show

Whether you like collecting antiques or just find them fascinating, you’ll love attending the Venice Antiques Show at the Venice Community Center. You can go on either Saturday, Jan. 6, or Sunday, Jan. 7. If you go the first day, you can get in at 10 a.m. and stay until... [read more]

A New Way to Buy Groceries in Venice

Venice Farmers Market
In recent years, many people have started to become interested in buying local. Not only is it better for the environment, but you are also more likely to find fresh food and goods that way. If you want to get in on the local trend, you have to check out... [read more]

Concert in the Park with Mindy Simmons

Mindy Simmons Concert
During the holiday season, there’s always a lot going on. You have to run around buying presents, wrapping gifts, and attending all the social events that are happening. Don’t you just want to kick back and take a break? Well, you can do just that when you the Concert in... [read more]

Attend the Venice Plein Air Meet and Paint

Venice Plein Air
Venice Plein Air is hosting a Meet and Paint for those who want to get involved in the artistic community in and around Venice. You’ll have the chance to meet up with like-minded people and discuss art while you paint the beautiful landscape before you. Then, you can participate in... [read more]

Venice Christmas Tree Lighting 2017 is This Saturday

Venice Christmas Tree Lighting
A lot of times, people look for fun activities to do during the holiday season. That’s why now is the perfect time to go see the Venice Christmas Tree Lighting celebration. This event will feature more than just lights – it’s your opportunity to really get into the spirit this... [read more]

Top Public Golf Courses Near Venice, FL

Public Golf Courses
Whether you like to golf on a regular basis or simply like to occasionally hit the tee, there are plenty of public golf courses close to Venice, Florida. You don’t even have to leave the city to enjoy a round or two of golf with your business associates or friends.... [read more]