Stock Up on Produce at the Weekly Venice Farmer’s Market

Father and daughter buying produce at the farmers market

Do you remember back in the good old days, when fruit and vegetables didn’t come in the freezer section or in a can? You can go back to the times gone by at the Venice Farmer’s Market. The market is open every Saturday, so you can stop by the farmer’s market from 8 am until noon from May through December, or 8 am until 1 pm every January through April. Check out some of what you can get when you make a trip over to the farmer’s market.

Fruits, Veggies, and More

The weekly Venice Farmer’s Market is known for its fresh fruits and vegetables that come directly from local farms. Whether you want to make a vegetable soup or you need some apples to snack on, you can find them here. Don’t stop there, though. You can also pick up homemade baked goods and fresh seafood.

It’s not just a place to go for food, either. It’s also the place to go for trinkets and crafts. You can also pick up some handmade soaps and flowers to put around your house.

You can even get your coffee fix at the farmer’s market. Purchase some locally roasted coffee and take it home to brew. Then, you’ll be ready to take on whatever Venice throws your way.

What About the Kids?

Do you have to take your kids with you everywhere you go? If so, add a trip to the Venice Farmer’s Market to the itinerary. The farmer’s market hosts The Kids Korner on the 4th Saturday of every month. It is free and packed with fun and educational activities. Mom and dad can get a little shopping done while the little ones learn about fossilized shark teeth and more.

Going to the farmer’s market is always fun, but it’s even better when you pull up in a sweet new ride. Stop by Venice Honda in Venice, Florida and find out how you can up your driving game. Then, you can pull up to the farmer’s market with pride.