Venice Christmas Tree Lighting 2017 is This Saturday

Venice Christmas Tree Lighting

A lot of times, people look for fun activities to do during the holiday season. That’s why now is the perfect time to go see the Venice Christmas Tree Lighting celebration. This event will feature more than just lights – it’s your opportunity to really get into the spirit this season.

You’ll be able to catch the Christmas tree lighting at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 9, in West Blalock Park. That’s right across from the Triangle Inn. During the lighting, you can also enjoy kids’ crafts, music, and all kinds of other activities. If you think you are going to stick around for a while, remember to bring your own chairs so you’re as comfortable as possible. Santa might even make an appearance!

Once you go to the Christmas tree lighting at West Blalock Park, you’re going to want to decorate your own tree. Check out these useful tips so you can get your tree looking almost as amazing as the one in the park.

Hang the Lights First

Most people know that the best way to decorate a Christmas tree is by hanging the lights first. It can be tricky to get the lights in the right place, and if there are already ornaments on the tree, it’s going to make it even more difficult. Therefore, you should hang the lights before anything else.

Choose an Artificial Garland

While real garlands are beautiful, they can be a real hassle since they can attract pests. Plus, after several days, if you have real fruit on a strand, the food can start to go bad. If you leave it too long, it might even smell. Avoid that kind of a hassle and just use artificial garlands instead. If you don’t want to use plastic, there are a ton of great wooden cranberry garlands out there.

Hang the Ornaments

When you start hanging the ornaments, start from the bottom and work your way up. If you have little ones helping you, they can find places for all of the ornaments near the bottom of the tree. Then, you can put the more delicate ornaments at the top. This also makes it easier to see where you have any gaps missing in the tree. You can then fill those gaps with more ornaments.

Before you start decorating, you’re going to have to get your tree home somehow. Do it in a new vehicle from Venice Honda in Venice, Florida. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re interested in, we can get you all set up with your new ride. We can’t wait to help you out, so come in today.