Catch the Big One at These Area Fishing Spots

Rear view of a father and son at one of their favorite fishing spots

Fishing is one of the best ways to connect with nature while having some time to relax and de-stress. Luckily for us, there are lots of nearby piers and jetties perfect for fishing. Even if you decide to stay within Venice, you will have plenty of choices of where to fish. Consider one of these places when planning your next fishing trip!

Venice Jetty

When you decide to go fishing at the Venice Jetty, you will also see some surfers and people just relaxing in the water, but that shouldn’t distract the fish. Just remember that if you visit the Jetty during the high season, it will be packed. So arrive early to get a good spot! There will be people of all ages, so chances are you will even make some new friends. The Jetty is the perfect spot, thanks to its long walkway stretching out in the Gulf of Mexico. No matter if the crowd of fishermen is big or small, you can easily spread out if you want. As a bonus, fishing at the Venice Jetty has plenty of animals for you to see – like dolphins! Just bring sunscreen since there is zero shade on the Jetty.

Venice Fishing Pier

The other popular spot for fishing within Venice itself is the Venice Fishing Pier. It rises up out of Brohard Beach, another great place for fishing. Take a stroll north or south from the pier by Brohard Beach to get a remote fishing area and lots of shoreline. Or stick to the fishing pier itself to make some friends and enjoy amazing views, provided you aren’t afraid of heights. The best thing about the Venice Fishing Pier is that you don’t need to have a fishing license to fish for free. The City of Venice pays for a license for everyone on the pier! The pier is also stocked with everything you need. Rent a reel or buy bait right on the pier.

Humphris Park Jetty

Humphris Park itself has 2 acres of land plus the fishing jetty that is perfect for a day with your rod and reel. The jetty covers around 650 feet so you don’t typically have to compete with other anglers to find a spot. Since it’s in a park, you can have lunch at one of the picnic tables after you are done fishing. Plus, you get easy access to the park’s bathrooms. There are even showers in the park, so you can shower and smell fresh and clean once your fishing day has come to an end.

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